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Travel Time to Work, Delaware County, Columbus Region,
Ohio, and U.S., 2010-2012

Travel Time to Work - 2010-2012Source: 2010-2012 American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau.

The percentage of Delaware County workers driving alone to work is greater than average – 85% versus a national average of 76%. The travel time of workers living in Delaware County is typically somewhat longer than average for the region: 41% of those in Delaware County spend 30 minutes or more commuting one way, compared to 30% of commuters throughout the Columbus Region and 35% of commuters nationwide.

The percentage of workers living in Delaware County and working in other counties (particularly Franklin) has increased markedly over the past several decades, while an increasing percentage of Delaware jobs are filled by workers living outside the county (particularly Franklin). This increasing interdependence is a positive development: it reduces Delaware County’s economic risk by reducing the concentration of residents’ workplaces, thereby increasing economic resilience.  But it also implies the need for close coordination with Franklin County in planning transportation improvements (including mass transit).

Since 2001, employment in the county has more than doubled, gaining more than 41,000 jobs. The sole negative impact of the most severe recession since the 1930s was a net decline of 140 jobs in 2009.